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The Why?

In March 2015 Dr Neil Bindemann, the Founder of the Person-Centred Neurosciences Society (P-CNS) and co-Director of the Lifestyle Health Foundation heard the words “Please take a seat, the doctors are looking at your [MRI] scans and they need to come and talk to you.” It was those words that triggered Neil’s emotional turmoil, and his lived experience with a brain tumour had just begun. The tumour, although classed as ‘benign’ in the medical world, was far from benign. It had grown to a point that he required urgent life saving brain surgery.

Words as you can read in an article Neil wrote for the cancer community website run by Chris Lewis, have a profound emotional significance.

Seven years on and having listened carefully to the emotions of over 600 lived experiences (many traumatising), which includes members of the P-CNS steering committee (plus his father’s, Rev Dr Sidney Bindemann, when a child), SmartTracker launched on Mothering Sunday 2022. Over the past 3-4 years, which has included working with the wonderful creative team at Base 8 Innovations, Neil has combined his desire to see more person-centred care in neurosciences with his mission to prevent and heal what is termed Acquired Mind Injuries, to launch SmartTracker – an interactive platform designed to enable your emotions to communicate, so they become recognised and are addressed as an integral part of care for physical and mental well-being.

In March of 2022 Neil met with Sarah Boxx, the host of the No Labels No Limits podcast that she runs in the US, toward the west coast. It was during that 35/40min podcast that Sarah asked Neil to talk about the story that lead up to the development and launch of SmartTracker. You can listen to their conversation from here or by clicking the image. 

The power of hope

The significance of emotions and words such as ‘Hope’ is to be found in observations from research which shaped the creation of SmartTracker. Those observations were discussed and presented at the European Congress of Integrative Medicine. A research abstract that was accepted for the Congress can be found here and the full talk can be watch from here